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JsonMe++ - JSON parsing C++ wrapper library with operator overloading.

The JsonMe++ (JSON Made easy for C++) library is a C++ wrapper for the JSON-Glib C library. The library makes heavy use of C++ syntactic sugar type C++ language constructs, most notably the subscript operator and cast operator as essential API components, which makes this JSON library extremely simple to use. As a result, access to a deeply nested value from a piece of JSON data can be expressed simply.

Operating Systems

  • Cross platform, should work on any.


  • Any Unix C++ compiler
  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2012-09-20 Amended: 2012-09-20 Licensing : Copyright (other)

    JsonMe++ - JSON parsing C++ wrapper library with operator overloading.
  • Projects freecode page
  • Submitted by:Rob Meijer
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