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YAPL - Yet Another Parallel Library

YAPL (Yet Another Parallel Library) is a small experimental prototype implementation to illustrate some ideas about parallel libraries. It is a header-only library at present.

YAPL design principles:

The library is designed as an experimentation framework for containers and algorithms.
  1. User code should be the same in sequential and parallel modes. This ideal is not always achievable, but differences are minimized.
  2. There should be a clear separation between a container abstraction (a list of values) and its supporting implementation structure (e.g., a linked list of nodes or a vector.).
  3. For element access, YAPL uses mappings (a generalization of ranges). It does not use the C++ standard library iterators because iterators are inherently sequential.
  4. It should be easy to select the execution policy for an application (sequential, parallel, GPU, ).

YAPL structure:

The library offers components in five categories:
  • CONTAINER provides a minimal interface for the container abstraction. A key property of a container is that it provides mechanisms for generating mappings to that container;
  • SUPPORT STRUCTURE implements a concrete strategy that can be used by multiple containers;
  • MAPPING provides an interface to operate on a subset of container elements. Different subsets may be generated through different defining criteria;
  • ALGORITHM an operation that can be applied to any mapping;
  • POLICY allows the programmer to configure how operations are sequenced and elements allocated.

Operating Systems

  • All platforms that support ANSI C++ and PThreads


  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2015-10-26 Amended: 2015-10-26 Licensing : Copyrighted freeware

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