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Better Enums - Reflective enums (enum to string, iteration) with constexpr support

Better Enums is a single header file that makes your compiler generate reflective enums. These support conversion to and from string, iteration, stream operators, and have other helpful properties.

Typically, maintenance effort or external tools are required to keep enum definitions synchronized with associated string tables and other "metadata." Better Enums eliminates these needs. In addition, the output of Better Enums can be further used in your own template metaprograms and constexpr functions.

Better Enums has no dependencies beyond the standard library. It requires either C++98 with the __VA_ARGS__ extension (long supported by most major compilers), or C++11. The library is tested automatically on many versions of Clang, GCC, and MSVC, optimized for compilation speed, and thoroughly documented.

Operating Systems

  • Cross platform, should work on any.


  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2015-10-26 Amended: 2015-10-27 Licensing : BSD style

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