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jsoncons C++ header-only library - JSON construction with JSONPointer, JSONPatch, J

jsoncons is a modern C++, header-only library for constructing JSON. It supports parsing a JSON file or string into a json value, building a json value in C++ code, and serializing a json value to a file or string. It also provides an API for generating json read and write events in code, somewhat analogously to SAX processing in the XML world. It is distributed under the Boost Software License.

jsoncons uses some features that are new to C++ 11, including move semantics and the AllocatorAwareContainer concept. It has been tested with MS VC++ 2015, GCC 4.8, GCC 4.9, GCC 6.2.0 and recent versions of clang. Note that std::regex isn't fully implemented in GCC 4.8., so jsoncons_ext/jsonpath regular expression filters aren't supported for that compiler.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC Windows
  • Mac


  • Visual C++
  • GCC
  • Any Unix C++ compiler

Added : 2018-01-19 Amended: 2018-01-19 Licensing : Boost

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