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DCE++ - A C++ API for Programming Distributed Systems

DCE++ is a set of ANSI C++ classes that enable the rapid prototyping of distributed programs. The goal of DCE++ is to provide a platform independent C++ API to the significant components used in distributed computing. Namely: RPC, threads, Security and Naming across the widely used distributed computing platforms such as DCE, ONC and WNT.

It is expected that by encapsulating platform dependencies inherent in setting up rpcs, security etc. in DCE++ base classes, program development time can be drastically reduced. Moreover, a foundation can be provided for developing *portable* distributed program development tools.

The second *evaluation* version of DCE++, version 0.4, has been released on Dec 2'93. The release includes C++ bindings for remote procedure calls over DCE and ONC. A C++ threads api for programming DCE threads. A C++ threads api for programming DCE distributed Time Service. The release is available free of charge upon signing a very liberal license agreement.

The license agreement is obtainable by anonymous ftp from hal.com. It is in the directory dce++. The same directory also contains the release notes for the 0.4 version and plans for 0.5 features. To obtain the code, please send the signed license agreement to:

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Copyright (other)

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