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NeoAccess Developer's Toolkit - Cross-platform object database engine for C++ development

NeoAccess(TM) is a full-featured object database engine for use in Windows, Macintosh, Unix and DOS based applications. NeoAccess's feature set include: Blobs, part lists, iterators, swizzlers, temporary objects, multiple indices on a class, a powerful relational object query mechanism, a very small memory and file footprint and a streams-based I/O model. NeoAccess has the complete set of features that in-house and commercial developers need and an easy to use programming interface that hides internal complexity to keep C++ developers productive.

In much the same way that application frameworks are used to construct the front-end of an application, NeoAccess is the framework developers use to build an application's back-end. NeoAccess is a set of C++ classes that naturally extends standard application frameworks such as Metrowerks' PowerPlant, Symantec's THINK Class Library and Apple's MacApp on the Macintosh and Microsoft's Foundation Classes, Inmark's zApp and Borland's ObjectWindows in Intel-based environments. NeoAccess is very portable and can also be used without an application framework.

NeoAccess comes complete with full source code. The same NeoAccess source code can be used to build Windows ('95, NT and 3.x), Macintosh, Unix (all platforms) and DOS applications. The programming interface is virtually identical in all environments. NeoAccess-based applications produce single file documents that are binary-compatible across platforms. That is, a database built on one platform can be used on any other platform without conversion.

The NeoAccess Developer's Toolkit is priced at $749 per developer with no runtime licensing fees. It includes full source code, numerous sample applications, 450+ pages of documentation, and 30 days of online technical support.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS
  • Unix
  • PC Windows
  • Mac

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Commercial

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