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Cppnews is a replacement for SNEWS and PCELM. It is written in C++ (hence the cpp). It is an SAA compliant DOS text program, with full mouse control, dialog boxes, buttons, bar menus etc.

Cppnews allows you to organise, read and reply to mail and Usenet news on your DOS machine. It requires a separate mail/news agent to actually collect the news and mail from a remote machine, and to deliver mail.

Most cppnews users will be Demon Internet Services (DIS) customers, using KA9Q as their mail/news agent to talk to DIS. Such users should install KA9Q before installing cppnews. If they use the automatic installation program provided by DIS, their directories will already be set up correctly, and SNEWS will be installed. Replacing SNEWS and PCElm is simple in this situation. Reverting to the previous setup is also easy. Other systems (such as UUPC) are also supported, provided you have sufficient knowledge to set them up correctly.

Note that there are lots of different versions of KA9Q in existence. I know cppnews works with the (DIS modified) one I have here, but I cannot guarantee it will work "out of the box" with other versions. I do try to make it configurable and flexible, though, so let me know if you have problems.

In order to allow both SNEWS and CPPNEWS to be supported on the same system, there is an option to maintain both kinds of index files if required.


Cppnews was written using my C++ text mode user interface toolkit

Cppnews is Shareware, with a registration fee of £15.00. For an additional fee of £5.00 (or a stamped addressed disk) the source code is also available. If you require the program on disk, you should add £5.00 for postage and packing. U.K and E.E.C. residents should add 17.5% tax. [£ is supposed to represent the U.K. currency symbol (Pounds Sterling). Some WWW browsers do not show it correctly.]

We accept checks are accepted in U.S. dollars and U.K. pounds (sterling). Checks in other currencies (translated from the U.K. price at the current sterling exchange rate) should have 10% added to cover currency exchange commission.

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