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Create front end menus for Unix - with source

UnixMenu is a Shareware front-end menu program written for Unix.

It comes with full C source. The menu(s) are contained in simple text files, and can execute arbitrary Unix commands, shell scripts, other menus etc. When menus call each other, they cascade down the screen. Full use is made of (portable) curses features, such as boxes, highlighting, cursor keys, function keys etc.

UnixMenu was written on an SCO Unix 3.2.2 system, but should compile and go on most System V machines. Porting notes are in the source file.

UnixMenu is Shareware, with a registration fee of £15.00. If you require the program on disk, you should add £5.00 for postage and packing. U.K and E.E.C. residents should add 17.5% tax. [£ is supposed to represent the U.K. currency symbol (Pounds Sterling). Some WWW browsers do not show it correctly.]

We accept checks are accepted in U.S. dollars and U.K. pounds (sterling). Checks in other currencies (translated from the U.K. price at the current sterling exchange rate) should have 10% added to cover currency exchange commission.

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