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OpenRTL - General purpose programming library

The OpenRTL library is an extensive augmentation to the standard C library and an alternative to large portions of the C runtime and the STL. OpenRTL text processing is UTF based for all UTF flavours. OpenRTL is itself an open standard, and this project is the official implementation. At the C and C++ compiler level, OpenRTL merges itself over the top of the standard C libraries of compilers such as GCC, BCC and MSC, on windows, linux and mac.

OpenRTL solves the portability of code problem by using a native code approach instead of a wrapper based approach. Wrapper solutions that wrap to many underlying OS calls tend not to work exactly the same on different platforms. For functionality that cannot be wrapped, only then are OS calls used, such as for threads and mutexes for example.

Features of OpenRTL

Licensing : MIT

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