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About the list

Here is the latest draft of the "Available C++ libraries FAQ".

This list is not exhaustive. If you are looking for a particular library, and you don't find it here, try an ordinary Web search engine (e.g. Google). If you do find a suitable library, why not use the submission form to add it to this list for the next person?

Due to the increasing size of this list, and problems with updating the automatic poster at, the full list is now only available on the Web (at

Marshall Cline's C++ FAQ is available on his Web page.

I have not included a credits list, because it would be nearly as large as the rest of the file! Many thanks to all those who contributed, and I hope you won't be offended that I haven't mentioned you.

Please post comments, criticisms, additions and amendments to me However, please DO NOT mail me with requests for assistance in finding files mentioned in the list. I am unable to provide such a service. Definite information such as "file xyz is no longer at site xxx" IS welcome - even better if you can tell me an alternative site where it can be found. If you are new to the Internet, try to find out about tools such as archie, whois, www, gopher etc. I recommend the newsgroups "news.announce.newusers" and "news.answers" for starters. See also the Web "roadmap" to such services listed below.

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Adding or amending entries

Sending in a new entry

If your library isn't mentioned, or you wish to update your entry in this list, feel free to mail me the new entry, or submit it via the Web form. Please note that entries will be restricted to a couple of paragraphs - if you send me a 100k text file giving minute details, I will have to summarise it. Or I might just ignore it, if I'm busy. It is much easier for me if you just send me an entry which is the right size to start with.

Please try to format your entry in the same way as the entries already in this list. Suggested points to include in your entry are ...

If you wish, you may include HTML tags in your text, which will make it through to the WWW version of this document. Please do not use heading levels 1-3, and please do not include any hot links in the body of the text - all links should occur at the end of the text.

Please add references at the end of your text in the form <tag>:<item> [;<link text>]



This FAQ contains details of both free and commercial libraries. Vendors who have sent me details of their libraries for inclusion in the FAQ have been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest generated. Please remember, I only allow 2 or 3 paragraphs describing the product, and no advertising hype !

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How to find libraries in the FAQ

The database software automatically creates an index of items by name and category which is accessible from the WWW.

However, the recommended way to search the database is via the frame page, which accesses the database directly.

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