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NuGraf - Deveoper's 3D Toolkit

The NuGraf Developer's 3D Toolkit is a powerful and general purpose 3D graphics framework (in C, but C++ type-safe) providing full-featured hierarchical database management, modeling and high-quality "photo-realistic" rendering capabilities. The toolkit is designed as a complete "drop-in" solution for third party software vendors seeking to quickly and efficiently incorporate high quality 3D computer graphics into their software packages.

The toolkit provides all of the necessary components to build a complete interactive 3D modeling and rendering system. These components include a state-of-the-art "photo-realistic" renderer, modeling and database management, coordinate space mapping, object and polygon picking, automatic smoothing and processing of raw polygonal data (useful for DXF file import), as well as optimized wireframe output for fast interactive data manipulation.

The toolkit also handles all aspects of the 3D rendering process, alleviating the host application from dealing with such mundane tasks as error handling and recovery, color output conversion (for those output devices with few colors) and file/display output. It features all of the functionality normally associated with a high-end rendering system but neatly packaged into componentized modules.

NuGraf is ideally suited for:

  • Inclusion into CAD packages which have a graphical user interface and existing 3D modeling capabilities, but no rendering features.
  • 3D applications with weak or older renderers, or those that depend upon slow ray tracing.
  • 3D applications which currently use real-time, medium quality renderers such as Open GL or 3DR.
  • Developers writing 3D modeling applications which require powerful rendering capabilities, color conversion and scanline output to various devices.
  • Any developer wishing to create a 3D modeling and rendering system from the ground up.
  • 3d font creation programs.
Pricing: Development licences = $3500 for "Application Builder" version, $995 for "Render Extender" version. Royalties apply for commercial applications developed with the toolkit.

Highly portable, inquire about other platforms. Please refer to WEB site for further information, online API spec, extensive slide show and pricing.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • SGI Irix
  • Sun
  • PC Windows


  • GCC
  • Sun CC
  • Watcom C++

Added : 1996-02-05 Amended: 1996-02-05 Licensing : Commercial

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