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jfront rawjava - A C++ library for parsing java source code

This parsing library is fully compliant with the newly published "The Java Language Specification, Second Edition" and as such encapsulates the complete Java 2 grammar. The release package contains a complete documentation set, including a training manual. The training package has been designed to be accessible to even inexperienced C++ developers.

What follows is a brief list of the more significant features:

  • highly-scalable, efficient architecture means you can parse arbitrarily large java files
  • fully compliant with the Java 2 grammar
  • complete documentation clearly describes the API
  • concise API is easy to understand -- even for inexperienced C++developers
  • training package makes you productive very quickly
We are currently only offering the library for gcc on linux. However, we will be adding platforms as requested, so check our site to see if your favourite platform is available (or to request a build for your platform -- we will be taking selected requests, based on market scale).

Non-Commercial licences are available from US$88.00

Operating Systems

  • Linux


  • GCC

Added : 2000-07-28 Amended: 2008-11-04 Licensing : Commercial

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