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Embedded Software Framework - An object-oriented software development kit for embedded systems

• ESF Base™ is an OS and platform independent data structure, algorithm and digital signal processing library.

• ESF RTOS™ is an elegant, simple, powerful, and easily customizable, object-oriented interface to kernel services, such as thread creation and synchronization.

• ESF Device™ is a framework of object-oriented, multi-threaded device drivers having portable interfaces and portable implementation, i.e. CPU independence and explicit separation of hardware dependent and hardware independent code.

• ESF Tcp/Ip™ is a flexible, fast, compact, no-shortcuts real-time implementation (e.g. no heap allocation, timeouts, etc.) of the standard TCP/IP protocols.

• ESF SNMP™ is a complete implementation of the standard SNMP protocols, including a framework for rapid MIB implementation that uses advanced data structures such as“balanced binary trees” for high performance object retrieval.

• ESF Web Server™ is an embedded implementation of an HTTP web server that supports all basic HTML (including HTML forms), a website in ROM, and a CGI method for direct execution of internal C or C++ functions.

• ESF SCSI™ is a complete implementation of both Initiator and Target side SCSI protocols.

Added : 2004-07-07 Amended: 2004-07-07 Licensing : Commercial

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