Commercial libraries (A-N)


Commercial libraries (A-N)

Memory Tuning System (MTS)

Specifically designed to minimize paging and data fragmentation

Improves run-time performance by:

Improves programmer productivity with:

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Booch Components

Rational markets the C++ Booch objects which are a somewhat bizarre, but possibly quite innovative, set of library objects.

It appears quite complete (unless you have some specific, uncommon needs); Booch may have an edge in supporting concurrency. USL may have more installations and greater maturity.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial


In addition to Rogue Wave, Empathy offers a good general-purpose library called Classix.

I do not have confirmed information, but I have been told that this library is no longer available.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Linpack.h++ - The jewel of C++ math classes.

Linpack.h++ includes all of Matrix.h++, plus all of the functionality in the original and well- established Fortran version; including solutions of systems of equations for a variety of matrix types, solutions of over- and under-determined systems of equations, incremental least squares solvers, etc. But, Linpack.h++ is a tru object-oriented library, not just a C version that compiles under C++: the traditional messiness of the Fortran version has been replaced with high-level, yet efficient, objects that make code far easier to write and maintain.

Prices range from $299 to $1195

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Matrix.h++ - includes all the functionality of Math.h++.

For example: general matrices, vectors, statistics, complex numbers, Fast Forier Transformation (FFT's), etc. Matrix.h++ adds specialized matrix classes such as banded, symmetric, positive-definite, Hermitian, tridiagonal, etc. Because Matrix.h++ includes Math.h++, it can take advantage of Math.h++'s highly optimized low-level assembly routines, making it fast as well as graceful.

Prices range from $199 to $995

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial


Class library for the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) in OSF/Motif and C++

This library combines the power of the OSF/Motif toolkit with the advantages of the C++ language by means of completely encapsulating the Motif objects (widgets/gadgets). This means there is a C++ class for every Motif object. DiaViews supports the structured, object-oriented development of Motif interfaces. C++ features such as rigorous type checks and virtual functions, etc. enhance the efficiency of the development process.


Price for source license (all platforms): 1200 DM, ~800 US$
Academic or private use license: 300 DM, ~200 US$
(needs Generic++)

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 28/02/1996 Licensing : Commercial


Class library with container classes and basic data types for the development of portable, object-oriented applications. Actually (Feb 96) won the readers choice award of "Objekt Spektrum", which is a German SIGS publication.

This C++ library is completely new. It is aimed at commercial users and implements a generous selection of application-independent basic classes. Its use frees the user from error-prone and time-consuming specific tasks (e.g. main memory management). All libraries previously available on the market are targeted more or less specifically on a particular system environment. However, it is becoming more and more urgent to make as many application modules as possible independent of a specific target platform. What gives Generic++ its competitive edge is the portability of its components and the way it takes account of other software engineering aspects.


Price for source license (all platforms): 947 DM, ~610 US$
Academic or private use license: 300 DM, ~200 US$

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 28/02/1996 Licensing : Commercial

fACTs++ Class Library - Financial Application Construction Tools in C++

A homogeneous tool-box of more than 300 C++ classes and templates. fACTs++ provides programmers with design patterns for distributed client-server applications supporting multi-currency securities and transactions, along with associated international conventions. The library includes a complete set of foundation classes, parallel processing and communication classes, extendible financial instrument hierarchy and financial modeling classes.

fACTs++ features include:

fACTs++ is available, on a per-project basis, as part of Objective Edge's custom software engineering service. The company's training program allows clients to quickly "ramp-up" their object-oriented development projects, providing early, visible results while reducing development costs. Upon project completion, clients are left with a technology base and application architecture which they are able to leverage in future development activities.

fACTs++ is currently supported on Solaris 2.X and x86, and may be ported to any POSIX compliant platform on a custom development basis.

fACTs++ is a trademarks of Objective Edge Inc. Copyright(c) 1994, 1995 Objective Edge Inc. All rights Reserved.

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

NeoAccess Developer's Toolkit - Cross-platform object database engine for C++ development

NeoAccess(TM) is a full-featured object database engine for use in Windows, Macintosh, Unix and DOS based applications. NeoAccess's feature set include: Blobs, part lists, iterators, swizzlers, temporary objects, multiple indices on a class, a powerful relational object query mechanism, a very small memory and file footprint and a streams-based I/O model. NeoAccess has the complete set of features that in-house and commercial developers need and an easy to use programming interface that hides internal complexity to keep C++ developers productive.

In much the same way that application frameworks are used to construct the front-end of an application, NeoAccess is the framework developers use to build an application's back-end. NeoAccess is a set of C++ classes that naturally extends standard application frameworks such as Metrowerks' PowerPlant, Symantec's THINK Class Library and Apple's MacApp on the Macintosh and Microsoft's Foundation Classes, Inmark's zApp and Borland's ObjectWindows in Intel-based environments. NeoAccess is very portable and can also be used without an application framework.

NeoAccess comes complete with full source code. The same NeoAccess source code can be used to build Windows ('95, NT and 3.x), Macintosh, Unix (all platforms) and DOS applications. The programming interface is virtually identical in all environments. NeoAccess-based applications produce single file documents that are binary-compatible across platforms. That is, a database built on one platform can be used on any other platform without conversion.

The NeoAccess Developer's Toolkit is priced at $749 per developer with no runtime licensing fees. It includes full source code, numerous sample applications, 450+ pages of documentation, and 30 days of online technical support.

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

CommonPoint Application System - Comprehensive C++ class library for writing portable GUI applications

It includes a GUI builder, a development environment, full international language support, full 2D and 3D graphics, multi-media, collection classes, customizable text and graphics editors, a compound document architecture, a workspace/finder, etc.. It is fully supported.

Future versions will run on additional platforms.

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

C++ Data Object Library - Data structures combined with automatic persistence

C++ Data Object Library has a wide variety of data structures combined with automatic persistence (storage to disk). In many applications, using the library is like building your own OO database. The emphasis is on high performance and protection against allocation and pointer errors. The library can help practically any C++ project, but is especially useful for large and complex software projects designs such as VLSI CAD.

Uses a code generator. Data relations are represented as objects. Protection against pointer errors is achieved by using rings instead of NULL ending lists. Smart iterators permit to delete objects while travering lists. Several methods of storing data to disk, including memory blasting (storing entire pages of memory). Portable programs and data, schema migration. Data organizations: lists, collections, aggregates, trees, graphs, dynamic arrays, hash tables, pointer links, reference counting, many-to-many relation, dynamic properties (like in LISP), virtual (disk access is if a large array), run-time access to type tables.

The library is build on ideas described in "Taming C++: Pattern Classes and Persistence for Large Projects", by Jiri Soukup, Addison-Wesley 1994. Sells in full source, and runs with all major compilers. A C version with similar features but with a less elegant interface is also available.

No licence restrictions and no marketing tricks. You can ship the source of the library with your programs, except for the code generator. A complete regression test, documentation and support comes with the basic price. We are one of the oldest class libraries in business, and we stand behind our software. Prices in US$: $299 DOS,WINDOWS, or MAC $599 UNIX workstations Postage included in North America, $25 for overseas.

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

ICpak101, ICpak201


Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

ILOG BROKER - Distributed Object Computing

ILOG BROKER: C++ library and preprocessor that extend the C++ language to transparently support Distributed Object Computing environments.

Developers can make any existing linked C++ application distributed, by minimally changing their header files. A set of about 15 keywords enable ILOG BROKER's preprocessor to generate standard C++ code.

Once the header files have been annotated, the preprocessor automatically generates the C++ source code to build the distributed application. Communication between objects is performed through the use of local surrogates calling methods on the real implementation objects across a network. The current implementation relies on RPC for the transportation layer. ILOG BROKER annotations have also been designed to generate IDL code for CORBA 2 specifications.

ILOG BROKER does not impose the use of a dedicated server. Each object in the distributed application can be both a client and a server to and for other objects, therefore providing a true peer-to-peer programming tool.

Cost: $5,000 per Unix-based development license. Preferred university rates available upon request.

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Forward Error Correction Library - Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction

Supports Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction encoding and decoding for many different codes


Licensing/pricing: please contact us.

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Added : 09/09/1996 Amended : 09/09/1996 Licensing : Commercial

Dalc++ - Store C++ objects in relational databases with this database access library

DALC++ is a C++ class library that makes connecting to a relational database effortless. It takes care of the transformation between the object-oriented paradigm and the relational model without compromises. It provides automatically generated object identities, support for bidirectional associations, and a query language in C++. DALC++ implements an advanced transaction model for both the database and the client, and uses an optimistic locking strategy to make applications built with it completely multi-user. Other advanced features include client-side cache, automatic garbage collection, a multilevel undo/redo mechanism and the ModelGenerator, a DALC++ sample application that can generate header files that define your class model.

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Added : 08/01/2003 15:25:14 Amended : 08/01/2003 Licensing : Shareware

Distinct TCP/IP - TCP/IP for Windows Software Development Kit

C++ Class Libraries for FTP, Telnet and Windows Sockets.

Allows developers to develop TCP/IP applications without making calls directly to a C Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Applications are created using the Distinct C++ Class Libraries, which take care of establishing the connection between the client and server side of the application. All functionality normally associated with calling a TCP/IP application is taken care of by setting data members and by handling upcall events. Applications are notified of errors, connection changes and incoming data by an upcall posted by the library to the applications window, by providing a callback function to the library or by making polling calls to the library at frequent intervals.

Standard Edition:$495.00
Professional Edition:$695.00
Distinct TCP/IP Run Time: $100.00


Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Genitor - Automates construction and maintenance of code and documentation

Genitor is a tool for C/C++ programmers that automates construction and maintenance of code and documentation. A graphical editing environment lets developers rapidly construct any kind of class or function. Genitor stores objects in a shared repository. Powerful search and documentation functions let programmers quickly utilize work performed by others.

Winner Software Development Magazine Productivity Award 1997 and 1997.

Genitor also hosts the Developers Resources a listing of useful links for C/C++ developers.

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Added : 24/02/1998 Amended : 22/07/1998 Licensing : Commercial

Developer - Cross-platform high performance string support

Str Library is a high-performance string support library that enables developers to use a common code base for multiple platforms. It contains almost all the features of STL std::string and MFC CString but consistenly outperforms these in benchmarking for real-world programs.

A no-obligation free evaluation download is provided, including full source code. The library has no runtime royalties.

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Added : 11/06/2002 Amended : 11/06/2002 Licensing : Commercial

MtxVec - An object oriented numerical library for Cbuilder

MtxVec is an object oriented numerical library designed for RAD. The library features several new approaches to object oriented numerics and breaks some new ground.


Encapsulates LAPACK 3.0 and BLAS I,II,III with Intel MKL 3.2.1 Add-on packages available: statistics and dsp. Interfaces Intel NSP for vector operations. Supports SMP for matrix operations. Single and/or double precision supported. Intel Itanium (IA64) ready. Bottom up complete support for complex numbers. Results in 50 to 100aster code then fastest possible structred code (plain procedures) written in C/C++. Design structured in three layers: procedural, object and component; ensures good scalability. Trading space for time technology. Introduces object caching. Trading safety for time technology. Allows user controllable range checking. CPU specific optimizations supporting: PI,PII,PIII. Extreme ease of use and very short time to implement. Ideal for algorithm prototyping. Built in dynamic memory management with extensive support for debugging. Allows completely matrix-vector oriented programming. Requires only CBuilder standard. Support for future CPU instruction sets, without application recompile. (DLL replacement)

Demo (4.5 MB) includes performance and code demonstrations, trial version and complete help system.

A new version 2.0 of MtxVec has been released..

MtxVec adds the following capabilities to C++Builder and .NET development environment:

Typical performance improvements observed by most users are 2-3 times for vector functions, but speed ups up to 10 times are not rare. The matrix multiplication for example is faster up to 20 times. For .NET applications these factors should be multiplied by about 1.3. All comparisons are against classic floating point assembler (!).

Key new features:

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Added : 15/08/2000 Amended : 17/12/2004 Licensing : Commercial

Great Circle GC - Garbage collection library

From Geodesic Systems.

Added : 04/12/1997 Amended : 04/12/1997 Licensing : Commercial


This is a C library, though they're type safe for C++ compatibility. A GUI builder is provided with the library. They're coming out with a C++ class library soon.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

NetClasses++ - C++ classes for message passing environments:

NetClasses is a set of C++ class libraries that is organized as an object- oriented software toolkit for distributed, message-passing based programming.

Facilities include :

Prices :

Operating Systems

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

G-BASE/GTX (MATISSE) - Object Oriented Database

Contact: Christina Bernard, Marketing and Communications

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL) - C++ Graphical Library for 2D/3D plottings

SoftIntegration Graphical Library (SIGL) is a cross platform C++ graphical library from SoftIntegration. It provides the simplest possible solution for 2D/3D graphical plotting within the framework of C/C++ for rapid application development.

Plots can be generated using SIGL for display in a local monitor, through the Web, or saved in a file with a variety of different file formats. The graphical library is for applications where the convenience of use, speed and performance matter.

With our Graphical Library, you can design and deploy the graphical application running across different platforms. SIGL contains a C++ plotting class with many member functions for visualization. It simplifies the graphical plotting for C++ users. You can compile and link your code with the Graphical Library in your desired C++ compiler.

It costs $299 for commercial use and $199 for academic use. More information can be found at

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Added : 19/07/2004 Amended : 20/07/2004 Licensing : Commercial

Crusher! - Data Compression Toolkits

The Crusher! Data Compression Toolkits are high-performance, portable data compression libraries. Crusher's comprehensive API of 45+ functions, identical across all platforms, provides buffer compression, file compression, archiving, subdirectory support, wildcards, disk spanning, encryption, self-extracting EXE's and more. Typical results compresses data to 20-50% of their original size or less. Implement full archiving in just four function calls.

Crusher archives are portable across all supported platforms and full source code is included, as well as numerous sample applications. Includes ARQ.EXE, a convenient command-line utility for managing Crusher archives, and SETUP, a Windows installation/setup program. Supports all C/C++ memory models and languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi. Windows versions include VBX and OCX custom controls and full on-line documentation. Limited 30-day warranty. A free demo is available for downloading from our bbs or web site.

Retail Platform Pricing (all prices are in U.S. dollar and include full C source code):

This information may be out of date. The vendor mailed me to say that they had a new version, together with a GCI toolkit, but did not give me any details.

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Added : 05/02/1996 Amended : 24/02/1998 Licensing : Commercial

MainWin - MFC on Unix (Microsoft Foundation Classes)

Developers can develop on Unix using the MFC library as on the PC. With virtually no change to the source code compared to the PC version (typically less then 1 per 1000) they produce unix version using the MainWin libraries. Most advanced features of MFC are supported like OLE, activeX, WinInet, multithreading, common controls. The look and feel of the application on unix is either Windows or Motif, and can be changed at runtime.

Requires the C++ compiler from the platform vendor.

Current MFC version (as of 11/96): 4.2

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Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 19/03/1997 Licensing : Commercial

CP Graphics Library - User Interface Widgets

CP Graphics Library is MFC-extension set of C/C++ widgets for Windows 3.x, 95 and NT. It gives programmers full control over user interface. Both 16 and 32-bit versions are included. The source code is fully documented and can be easily extended to produce new controls.

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Added : 27/07/1998 Amended : 27/07/1998 Licensing : Commercial


This is a C-language UI library, but they're type-safe for C++ compatibility. The package includes a GUI builder and an event occurrence monitor.

Additional features in the library includes support for international character sets, portable file system support and nifty C-language classes for pie-charts, 3d bars, x-y plots, and the like.


Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial


This is a C UI library, but it's written in an object-oriented style and is type safe for C++ use. The package includes a WYSIWYG GUI builder.

The tools are, reportedly, pretty full-featured. User-interface items have extensive abstraction (for example, they have a confirmation-type dialog that resolves to a push-pin and 'apply' button under openlook, but 'ok', 'apply', 'cancel' buttons under motif). Objects can be positioned relative to each other (rather than merely absolute position on the screen). Also, errors are handled with an abstract exception handling framework. They support internationalization of fonts (at least Japanese), money, and data formatting.

Some extra-cool features include memory leak detection and C-language objects for text (multi-styled, multi-font text with embedded graphics), list (spreadsheet-like for handling up to 2^31 x 2^31 cells with customizable displays), and graphics processing.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

CommonView - Iconic user interface from Glockenspiel

This is a C++ UI library. In addition, it comes with container classes. The down-side is that some of the features are not supported across all platforms.

Richard Erwin ( writes:
As far as I know, CA does no longer distribute/support this class library. It has no support for Win32.

We bought a source licence of CommonView and ported parts of it to Win32 ourselves.

Maybe you should remove CommonView from your list or indicate that there is virtually no support from CA.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 24/08/1999 Licensing : Commercial

NeXTStep - application development toolkit


Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Embedded Software Framework - An object-oriented software development kit for embedded systems

• ESF Base™ is an OS and platform independent data structure, algorithm and digital signal processing library.

• ESF RTOS™ is an elegant, simple, powerful, and easily customizable, object-oriented interface to kernel services, such as thread creation and synchronization.

• ESF Device™ is a framework of object-oriented, multi-threaded device drivers having portable interfaces and portable implementation, i.e. CPU independence and explicit separation of hardware dependent and hardware independent code.

• ESF Tcp/Ip™ is a flexible, fast, compact, no-shortcuts real-time implementation (e.g. no heap allocation, timeouts, etc.) of the standard TCP/IP protocols.

• ESF SNMP™ is a complete implementation of the standard SNMP protocols, including a framework for rapid MIB implementation that uses advanced data structures such as“balanced binary trees” for high performance object retrieval.

• ESF Web Server™ is an embedded implementation of an HTTP web server that supports all basic HTML (including HTML forms), a website in ROM, and a CGI method for direct execution of internal C or C++ functions.

• ESF SCSI™ is a complete implementation of both Initiator and Target side SCSI protocols.

Added : 07/07/2004 Amended : 07/07/2004 Licensing : Commercial

MIME++ - Class library for parsing, creating, editing messages in MIME format


MIME++ should compile with just about any C++ compiler. The system-dependent features, which are few, are isolated and identified as "portability functions."

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Added : 27/07/1998 Amended : 01/07/2005 Licensing : Commercial

IDB - Object Databases

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

KALA - Object Oriented Database

Kala(tm) is a Persistent Data Server managing distributed, shared, arbitrarily complex and evolving persistent data. Kala is highly efficient and secure. Kala manages the visibility of persistent data elements to its clients, thus supporting any types of transactions, versions, access control, security, configurations. Kala does not restrict you to any particular model. Kala provides the mechanism, but imposes no policy.

Ports to Windows and MacOS are also likely in the near future. Any port is possible as NRE.

Kala's interface is ANSI C, also callable from C++.

Contact: Sergiu S. Simmel

Operating Systems

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

CodeBase Database Engine for C/C++ Developers - Develop powerful client/server or standalone database driven applications.

CodeBase is a high-performance database engine designed for developers who need maximum speed in their applications. Features include multi-user file compatibility with FoxPro, dBASE and Clipper file formats, Client/server support allowing database access over networks ranging from small LANs to the Internet, and adding security with account privileges.

CodeBase comes with full source code and provides royalty-free distribution. Support is also available for Java, SQL, OLE DB/ADO and ODBC. CodeBase also supports most development environments including C, C++, Visual Basic, Kylix, Delphi, and runs on most operating systems.

At the heart of our award-winning database engine is a library of well-tested, highly optimized routines. CodeBase has been around since 1984 so not only do you get a proven, stable product, but also experienced and knowledgeable technical support as well.

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Added : 23/09/2001 Amended : 23/09/2001 Licensing : Commercial

MacApp - Mac application development toolkit

Luigi Ballabio tells me this toolkit is now available free of charge from the URL below.

Operating Systems

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 26/04/2000 Licensing : Copyrighted freeware

ILOG RULES - Data monitoring in real-time environments

ILOG RULES: is a C++ tool for data monitoring in real-time environments. ILOG RULES embeddable inference engine applies rules directly on native C++ application objets.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

GEMSTONE Object Oriented Database

Briefly, GemStone is a full featured OODBMS with transaction control, multiple users, multiple platforms supported, client server architecture, active objects (ie, behavior can occur in the database as well as in the application using it), multiple language support, etc.

GemStone is actually quite a bit more than just a data repository - it is a full-fledged DBMS that is pure OO. You can access the same database just as easily from C, C++, or SmallTalk, or you can build entire database applications inside the database server, because it is an active server that runs methods written in our DML, OPAL, which is a dialect of SmallTalk. There are also high-level tools to aid application building.

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

DV Centro - C++ graphics framework for building visual language applications

DV-Centro provides robust graphics, event management and utilities for efficiently developing applications that use non-textual interfaces. Visual language interfaces allow programming through manipulation of graphic objects. By overlaying, juxtaposing or inter- connecting graphic objects, a user can interact and manipulate the application.

DV-Centro is designed for creating applications such as graphical editors and visual language applications - like diagram editors, finite state machine editors, simulation and control systems, etc.

It provides:

Operating Systems

Added : 01/01/1995 Amended : 01/01/1995 Licensing : Commercial

Diffpack - Comprehensive object-oriented system for multi-physics simulation

The Diffpack Development Framework is a comprehensive object-oriented system for multi-physics simulation. In contrast to traditional technology for scientific computing, Diffpack utilizes the full power of object-oriented modeling strategies while maintaining full focus on computational efficiency. Diffpack consists of a set of C++ class libraries geared towards the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) and a collection of of associated utilities and tools, such as a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) and automatic generation of web-aware result reports.

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Added : 16/06/1999 Amended : 16/06/1999 Licensing : Commercial

Julius Model Viewer 1 - DICOM / Polymesh Viewer & Software Framework for Medical Applications

Julius MV1 is a showcase application for the Julius framework. It can be used as a fully functional DICOM 3.0 or RAW volume viewer as well as a viewer for large polymesh datasets. It also provides basic data processing features such as volume segmentation or polymesh decimation. Julius MV1 can be used as a basis and testbed for other applications developed with the Julius Framework. The Julius Framework (which comes bundled with MV1) is a general software architecture for medical visualization, simulation, and navigation. Julius is written in C++ using Qt and OpenGL, resulting in a cross-platform framework.

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Added : 08/11/2006 17:42:20 Amended : 08/11/2006 Licensing : Copyright (other)

OptSolve++ - Software components for nonlinear optimization (formerly LION++)

The OptSolve++ class libraries provide a convenient and extensible interface for nonlinear optimization of user-specified functions.

The following multidimensional algorithms have been implemented: