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Trumphurst Ltd. is a small U.K. company, with one consultant. My main source of income is PC and Unix consultancy and computer programming. My rates are very reasonable, and I am happy to undertake projects for clients anywhere in the world (although I am based in the UK) - most of my work has been via telecommuting.

In order to cut down on the amount of spam email reaching me (about 1500 per day), I have recently closed all my previous email addresses Instead, I have created a contact form.

Trumphurst Projects

Click here to see a list of projects, demonstrating my skills in Java, C#, C++, C, SQL, 4GL's, Basic and Assembler. I also have extensive analysis, design and consultancy skills, and my areas of expertise include Internet, Intranet, TCP/IP, serial communications, accounting, credit card validation, database design and virus detection. I am familiar with Unix, Microsoft Windows and DOS (plus a few others, like CP/M, which are no longer relevant). I have been working in the computer industry since 1982.

Trumphurst Products

I have a number of low-cost, Shareware, demonstration and just plain free programs written in house. You can download many of them right here.

Trumphurst Java Library Routines

Since I have been working with Java, I have developed a number of library routines, Java controls, etc. You can download many of them right here.

If you want to use Java at the server end of your web site, have a look at JSP hosting.

Available C++ Libraries list

I maintain this Internet "Frequently Asked Questions" list. It contains details of over 300 different C++ libraries, tools and related links (both public domain and commercial) available to C++ programmers. There is a Searchable Web database at


A very occasional web log of my experiences installing a CentOS firewall & mail/web/file server, and other technical notes.

Remote support - click here to let me take over your computer

Alternative version with more ways to connect

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I live in St. Martins, nr. Oswestry, Shropshire

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